End of the page….the countdown has started !

I am no digital native but i am fighting to be a legitimate digital immigrant.
Our school is planning on implementing a 1:1 program within the year, and to throw myself into the experience and to try and understand how i need to update my teaching methodology, i am challenging myself to lock away my pens and paper and use nothing more than my pc, blackberry and the internet as resources. What is more, i am determined that my IB Film class will do the same thing !
“Adapt or die”, i guess is my underlying mantra and i am trying to shed the shackles of the 20th C and move towards the 21 C. Collaborative learning, integrated teaching and technology and curricula more aligned with the real world rather than the school world.
I hope that this blog will chart the journey and provide some help for those about to launch themselves into the same river. I will try to provide some links as and when, as well as academic papers/ reading that i come across on the way…
Whether you choose to get in or not, the river will still flow !


4 comments on “End of the page….the countdown has started !

  1. ali says:

    Fantastic! Not an easy task for an English teacher!!

  2. Miss Ale says:

    Great!!! You are on the right track!!

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