GPS for 1:1 ! (Where do you start when you don’t know where you want to go ?)

To steal from Paul Simon, when i arrived in Argentina i didn’t speak the language or hold any currency.I struggled to mime/dance/swear my way from the airport to the school to meet someone who could help me settle into my new life here. The first few months were frustrating and it was only when i was able to start to hear words and grunt and gesture in the correct way, that i began to carve out my own context for living.

I feel a little bit like that at the moment. I have landed with a splat in 1:1sville and, nevermind the lack of language or currency, i don’t even posses any pants !!!!

Thankfully, (to briskly get through this analogy, which i am regretting starting, if i am being honest), i am being fitted for a 1:1 suit and, as luck would have it, i have discovered the equivalent of food and drink to sustain me in the first steps out in this new environment.

Hopefully these links could help, if you find yourself metaphorically naked, penniless and vulnerable in a strange, virtual place ! (Obviously, if you are literally waking up naked in a wheelbarrow,or on a roof or something, these might not actually help that much.)

(a really clear overview of what, how, who, where and why !)

(a month by month blog from a US HS Principal as his school introduced 1:1)>

(a link to the One to One Institute (US) and overviews of pedagogic support)

(a buffet of sights and sites for tech-hungry teachers !!!)

(another buffet, if you still have room to chomp down on some super (supper?) sites)


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