The Mad Professor recommends…

And so, it is the end of another week on the paperless journey !
The Evernote experiment worked well; i manged to convince a herd of post-lunch teenagers to collaborate in groups, simultaneously on documents on my virtual desk.
Also, a number of colleagues have talked to me about trying to work without paper this year…so i am glad that this experiment is catching some interest in my school.
On another note i am trying to work with some hip young gunslingeresses in the History dept on some Edmodo, Skype and podcast based projects….things are definitely getting interesting…

Which links into these fascinating links to new technology in teaching and learning…. Can i ask for a special budgetary request do you think ?

My mad professor friend threw these my way: Ted talks craziness

Google glasses

Mr Murdoch’s tablet is launched !


2 comments on “The Mad Professor recommends…

  1. Ali says:

    Full steam ahead!

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