We need to encourage kids to put their heads in the clouds and dream

I wanted to share this. Perhaps you have already seen it or at least heard about it. Below is a link to a speech given by the Ted Talk 2013 winner Sugata Mitra, the educational researcher behind the granny cloud and the hole in the wall computer experiments.

I watched it earlier today and was hooked by a lot of the ideas and results of his various educational experiments and the idea that resonated with me the most was the notion of education as ” Not about making learning happen but about letting learning happen.”

Another interesting, 21C learning approach that he highlighted in his talk was was the notion of the Self Organised Learning Environment.A place where teachers are mediators and collaborative learning with technology abounds.

Have a look and then download the SOLE tool kit. Also have a look at the Huffington Post’s SOLE challenge and look at how your kids can attend Ted Youth 2013.



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