101 uses for a “dead” tablet…or What to do when your network lets you down !

This speaks for itself really.

Can you add to this ?

Frisbee tournament.
Olympic style tablet-put, discuss-put, javelin-put.
Make a suit out of tablets.
Make a table and chairs out of tablets.
Build houses and “inhabit” them with pencil people (if you still know what a pencil is).
Take all the tablets apart and make one, huge super tablet.
Take all the tablets apart and try to put them back together again.
Take all the tablets apart, put the bits in a bag and then shake, before returning the bag to the IT dept.
Kid size checkers.
Who can build the highest tower ?
House of cards building.
Tablet dominos.
Paint them orange and put them in a bowl and pretend that you have broken into a giant’s house and found his doritos. (Can also do this with Mars bars and other sweets).
Cut eye holes out of the tablets and use them as masks.
Use whiteout to paint on a white “page” and then, when it is dry, hand write your work.
Use paper and string from the Geography dept and fashion a mobile to illustrate the water cycle, which can be then hung from the fan.
Stick the tablets together into the shape of a shark and scare k4 during swimming.
Using science equipment and a microwave, shrink several members of the class and a video camera and get them to remake Tron in full.
Prove that 10 kg of tablets will fall from a window at the same speed as 10kg of student


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