The smell of freshly baked book !

Ok, this is a bit of a quiet week. My students are working on practical projects on adobe premiere and drafting their extended essays on googledocs respectively. I have time to catch up on planning and reading for the second part of this term. I thought i was being cunning in asking for pdf versions rather than a hard copy of some of the texts i use. I was wrong. It is a nightmare trying to skim and jump about looking and finding the sections i want to refer to…made me think about books vrs kindles again and the emotional and psychological hold these bits of masticated tree have over us !

A colleague was trying to persuade me that kindles cant replace the smell or feel of books. My counter argument was for him to hold a tiny piece of book cover (gouged from his favorite book) in his hands or on a medallion around his neck whilst reading from his electronic device. This way he could still have the calming experience of caressing paper whilst also touching the digital version.

“But a kindle doesn’t smell like a book !!!” He responded.

To which we then discussed the possibility of buying a kindle with smell dispenser…. or trying to make our millions developing one…only to discover that one already exists. I’snt that always the way ?

Can you suggest any other smells…..?

Here are some other articles and blogs in relation to books, kindles and smells:

I included the clip below, not because it is about technology, but because it has the word “smell” in it.


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