Google clouds and apps and saving schools !

I am still looking into alternatives to ipads and am thinking about Google. An Ipad in Argentina costs, at the current official exchange rate, up to three times the price of its US equivalent, so other options have to be explored…

Google apps is a good place to start. I like the idea of getting away from a “system” and working towards building a school cloud and this could be a great fast route there. In addition to the apps, and not wanting to be a big advert for Google, the Google in Education site and its associated Google academy, appears to be a support and guidance network I could use.

This has lesson plans, training courses and general advice for the teacher wanting to integrate Google apps into the classroom.

In connection with this, I am trying to read as much as I can on the Google chrome book. Here is a link to a journalist, who has put this to the test:

Finally, I was looking around for 1:1 resources and came across this report on

In short, the clip talks about the revolutionary role that using laptops has made to the motivation and engagement of kids at a failing Middle school in the USA. As well as looking at the practicalities of teaching and learning using Google technology, it also raises important issues about the need for education systems to modernize, the differences in learning styles between today’s students and today’s teachers, moving the classroom in favor of the student and the 21C skill that is multitasking.


2 comments on “Google clouds and apps and saving schools !

  1. María Gutiérrez says:

    Hello, Chris! I´m delighted with your blog (we are implementing a program in middle school with every kid receiving an iPad to take home, for personal use also, but basically for academic use, teachers improving their methods and trying to become paper free.) But every time I try to open one of your recommend articles it begins by making me join and pay for some sort of app. As you can see, I’m not computer savvy enough to move around that.

    One exception was the article by Larry Cuban in your first blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially because he was may teacher at Stanford. But your input is more updated, closer to home. So keep them coming!

    Best, María Cristina

  2. Hola Maria !
    Espero que estes bien 🙂
    That’s great news – both about the Ipad prog and also that you made it through to comment without having to pay !!!!
    Is there a link to your middle school program on your school website ?
    Let me know how things are going and i’m really glad that some of my rambling is useful !

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