My fingers are too fat for technology !

The quest for alternatives to the Ipad continues….But a major black hole for me is my own block when it comes to trying to type on a tablet. Maybe it’s just me, but can anyone actually type more than a basic email effectively on a tablet ?

I think that my fingers are fat. They need to go on some sort of diet or at least do some exercise. How else is it that i am incapable of typing on a tablet without accidentally changing the font/language/my bank card pin during the course of a single email ?
I might buy some Micheal Jackson white gloves and cut the tips off, so that they can at least feel like they are wearing a tracksuit and become model thin. “Wearing” Barbie trainers might be pushing it a little far though…but I am not counting this out just yet.

Seriously though, how on earth is an IB student going to write a 4000 extended essay on a tablet ? At some point, if i was asked to do the same, the tablet would be flung unceremoniously into a wall/out of a window/beneath a truck…in my case, around the 100 word mark.

Anyway, ranting to one side, here are some more alternatives to Apple world domination as well as some android apps links ! Thanks to all my integration colleagues for all their help and advice:


2 comments on “My fingers are too fat for technology !

  1. Sonya says:

    So how’s the paperfree teaching going? I have used so much paper teaching film this year it’s embarrassing…

  2. Grasscutter says:

    Macbooks work well!

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