We have it now, but are we allowed to use it properly ?

Notwithstanding tormentas electricas and the peso devaluing faster than a Kardashian exclusive, the first year of the 1:1 programme has officially begun at my school in South America. In the midst of much bronca and constantly changing importations restrictions, we have our infrastructure in place, the wi-fi has been bolstered and there are swarming clouds of teachers and students gathering near classrooms, all eager to start the 21 century !!!! 

Of course there will be problemitas, both seen and unseen, and complaints from various sides of the “triangle of learning”, (Parents, Teachers, Students), but i am mostly positive about how we have prepared for this fresh new start. My positive feeling has been reinforced by the recent trip to the US where digital technology and 1:1 teaching, although not quite out of diapers, is closer to potty training than we are and it seems to me that there are various different opinions on how to effectively to use this new technology.

It was refreshing to hear Technology and Education scholars such as Yong Zhao, arguing that teachers still aren’t using the technology effectively as a part of the learning experience. For me this shadow of the common core, combined with our own tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb specters of the IB and IG exams still limits the freedom we have as teachers to experiment and actually fully engage with the learning opportunities these devices provide. In short, we are not being allowed the freedom to try and fail, and try again, by a system that still measures and values “learning” through exam results and test scores. It is good to see that, with slug-like speed and efficiency, certain organisations  are at last realizing that this is a pillar of salt that they should perhaps avoid.

On the other, much more positive (perhaps manicured a little longer) hand, it is good to see the emergence of research and literature on whole school technology leadership. There has been a twattering of tweets on twitter over the Eric Sheninger book on Digital leadership (and i genuinely look forward to reading it in 25 years time once it gets through customs and the law changes on the purchase of goods through amazon eventually changes) and i am hoping that this will spark a new wave of thought on monitoring, evaluation and review of pedagogy as well as digital assessment.

We shall see how well we walk the fine line between teaching traditional exams and using the technology in order to instill a love of learning and create innovative, independent, inquisitive learners and teachers alike !


2 comments on “We have it now, but are we allowed to use it properly ?

  1. alipez101 says:

    Nice one!

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  2. Mara Gutirrez says:

    Hello, Chris! It is always wonderful to read your reports on digital learning”. I am copying Gisele (who came with me to Buenos Aires last year) because she is our Chris-at-BVS person. Thanks for sharing, and I do mean sharing because we are into our second year with all middle school on a 1:1 and welcome all your experience (like yhe Eric Sheninger book you mention, that i will have ordered immediately.)

    I still have not figured out the balance between digital learning and traditional exams, but look forward to your teaching me how to do it :-). Thanks again. Take care, Mara Cristina.

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