How to set up a secondary 1:1 programme….a one page guide

So, we launched our programme last week with our current year 7 students and to date, touch wood, there have been no major hitches. I thought it would be a good moment to review the process in the form of a one -stop “how to” guide, for those of you who maybe considering embarking on the journey in your own high school/secondary school.


Research into device and uses of the devices in your own context.

Budgetary allocation: whole school, departmental considerations and training

Establishing a ICT support dept and an ICT pedagogy whole school coordinator position

Subject research in departments on which devices to use and how best to use them as part of teaching and learning.

Establishing relationships with distributors/manufacturers 

Trial of potential devices

Devices should be available for staff and students alike to trial at home and in class. Centralised feedback / comments book.

Decision on devices made by the slt after consultation with staff and students.

Policy developments

Writing the whole school uses policy

Writing the day to day expectations for students in school, when using the devices 

Clarifying insurance status for students coming into school with chosen devices.

Pedagogic developments

Each departments appoint a 1:1 subject coordinator to look at adapting the existing curriculum for 1:1 use for the year the programme starts. These coordinators to have access to the chosen devices and a “sacred” time to meet with the ICT whole school pedagogical coordinator, in order to receive training and to cascade this training to their depts.

Heads of depts to look at updating assessment policy and academic expectation/ homework policies in the light of the use of chosen devices.

Whole school PD on teaching with devices, 21 C learning and student centered pedagogy.


Classrooms equipped with lockers and charging facilities for the chosen devices.

Security cameras.

Building or establishing of a specific ICT support center for students using the devices for 1:1.

Testing and improving the wifi

Communication with the community

Share the long term and short term plan with the year groups concerned, with an opportunity for Q & A. Review policies and day-to-day expectations with parents and build in a review meeting for the mid-point of the first year of the programme.

Picking up the devices

Specific dates and places prior to the start of the school year.

Clarity on procedures for loss/damages/ replacements

Parents to sign a waver of responsibility for devices whilst in use at school.

Day before the start of term

PD overview for all staff.

Regular meeting with 1:1 coordinators established.

1:1 coordinators feedback a part of dept meetings.

1:1 best practice a built in part of ” best practice” sessions of weekly staff meetings.

Whole year group induction workshop: How to use the tablet, what are the key platforms and apps, subject by subject, reminder of expectations, checking EVERYTHING is labeled. 

Mid term review

Create a means of students, staff and parents reviewing the process so far.

Working with 1:1 coordinators on planning for next years new cohort and the move of the current cohort up to the next year of the curriculum. 


Budgeting for next year.



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