Breaking the silence on 121 !

It’s been a while. 

Since the last post about a million seconds ago a lot has happened, and it looks like my school is about to start phase 1 of the 121 roll-out.

After meetings and coffee and more meetings and more coffee and more meetings, coffee and government constructed importation “walls”,  it looks like we are going to look at a combination of BYOD and android apps using a tablet platform !

We are trying to look at a single year group of students buying Samsung Galaxy tablets as the way to go. This way, we can still cater to other students already packing IPads and other devices. This should mean that our gradual move into the 21 C can start ahora mismo !!! Next year we will have a second year group and the year after another…and so on…

Now, if only the exam boards would stop asking kids to write essays with a pen and paper at the end of the year as a way of assessing learning….

The next stage for us is to:

Create pedagogy/technology department trainers for each department…crazy name, crazy job !

Get the staff and students and parents to buy into this and fully commit.

Make sure our technical infrastructure can deal with the whole of a year group having tablets.

Look at ways of updating our curriculum.

Cross fingers as we have jumped into the water. Now it is time to swim to 21C island !!!